Easy-to-use Sleep Tracker in Google Sheets

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Easy-to-use Sleep Tracker in Google Sheets

2 ratings

An easy-to-use Sleep Tracker that you can use to keep track of and visualize your sleeping habits. The tracker is created in Google Sheets and all the information is instantly synced as you make any changes.

You can access and enter your sleep data from your desktop browser or from your phone by using the Google Sheets app.

Some interesting features of this sleep tracker are:

  • All information stays saved in your Gmail account
  • Easy to use and customize (if needed)
  • Color-coded “hours slept” column, making it easier to visualize
  • Can be used for years without purchasing a new one
  • Pre-populated dates can be changed to any other dates
  • Works on a web browser and the Google Sheets mobile app

You will just need a free Gmail account to get access to the sleep tracker.

This item is for personal use and cannot be resold, redistributed, or used for any commercial purposes.

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